Historical Background : Indian Polity Summary

▪️The Britishers came to India in 1608 as traders in the form of East India company which had the exclusive right of trading in India under a chart of granted by Queen Elizabeth first in 1600.

▪️After that in 1765 the company got the “Diwani” means they got right over revenue and civil justice ⚖️

▪️After getting More powers , they thinked /assumed the Direct responsibility of governance in India .

▪️The British Crown 👑 Continued in India till the Independence – 15 August 1947

▪️With the thought 🤔 of independence we thinked about the constitution , and we found the need of constitution here onwards

British Rules that Laid Down

▪️The Company Rule 1773 – 1858

▪️The Crown Rule 1858 – 1947

The Company Rule 1773 – 1858

This is also known as the Regulating Act of 1773

👉 The act was the first attempt to regularize company affairs in India. It laid the foundation of Central Administration in India.

👉 Governor of Bengal became Governor-General of Bengal (Lord Warren Hastings was the first Governor-General of Bengal).

👉 Created Executive Council of 4 members to assist Governor-General of Bengal. Made Governors of Madras and Bombay presidencies subordinate to Governor-General of Bengal.

👉 Provisioned for setting up the Supreme Court of Calcutta with 1 Chief justice and 3 other judges.

👉 Prohibited the company’s servants from indulging in any private trade and accepting bribes from locals.

👉Provisioned for the Company of Directors of Company to report the British Government regarding its revenue, civil and military affairs in India

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