BIS: New Indian Standard for ‘Mitticool refrigerator

National Standards Body -Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently developed an Indian Standard for non-electric cooling cabinet made of clay or Mitticool refrigerator . The developed standard is “IS 17693: 2022

Mitticool refrigerator has been invented by Shri Mansukh Bhai Prajapati of Gujarat. The refrigerator uses an environmentally friendly technology.

Mitticool is a clay-based natural refrigerator to store fruits, vegetables, and milk, and cooling water. Stored foodstuffs can be kept cool naturally without using electricity. These items can be kept fresh for a long time without losing their quality. Efficacy of the product is limitless

The Mitticool Refrigerator was displayed at 4th batch of Innovation Scholars In-Residence Program, held in 2017 at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This was displayed in association with National Innovation Foundation (NIF), that supports grassroot innovations developed by individuals and local communities.

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